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Step 4: Identify the situation. Why?”. Once you have the question, everything else will fall into place relatively easily. The purpose of the monopolies law is to stimulate production and distribution, → The union monopoly over manpower stops production and distribution, → Therefore the unions should be controlled by the monopolies law. Click here to browse more book summaries. The only way you can be confident of its relevance is to make sure that it directly answers a question you have identified as already existing in their mind. Step 2: Decide the question. This is my summary of the book ‘The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking‘ by Barbara Minto. You can define in advance whether or not you have built the structure properly by checking to see whether your ideas relate to each other in a way that would permit them to form pyramidal groups. It is boring, primarily because they make a mystery story out of what should be a straightforward point. Such headings have no scanning value. C = Then suddenly 35,000 years ago we get art all over Europe. In that situation something will have occurred (the complication) that caused them to raise (or would cause them to raise) the question to which your document will give them answers. Make transitions unobtrusive yet clear, primarily through picking up the key word or phrase and carrying it forward. Read summary of The Pyramid Principle by Barbara Minto. You’ve made the dilemma immediately clear to everyone … The Pyramid Principle encapsulates an efficient, functional way of communicating where you deliver key conclusions first and then go on to supply supporting information.. We can use the pyramid principle in many different contexts, but it is particularly crucial to adhere to in delivering your client recommendation at the end of your case study. Refresh and try again. As a rule of thumb, it is always better to present the action before the argument. But inductive reasoning is always easier to absorb at higher levels. Inspire your readers to ask the question you wish to address. I suggest, therefore, that we conduct a firm development project to determine how can make diversification studies an area of our practice that is proven to bring significant benefit to clients. Concerned (complication - situation - solution): To my knowledge, no one in the London Office has yet conducted a single diversification study for a client that has yielded demonstrable results beyond what he could have done for himself. Since the headings indicate levels of abstraction in the pyramid, you can never have only one item at each level. Visualize your reader. The company should have three objectives. Direct (solution - situation - complication: Our first priority for a firm development project should be one directed toward improving our ability to help clients diversify. Or more specifically, how do I eliminate the causes of lost hours?”. If you find yourself going beyond that, you have probably overlooked an opportunity to group, and should rethink what you are saying. She’s trying to make the point that London is ahead of all other cities.’). We cannot in conscience go on charging clients for work that does not yield significant benefits and maintain our high reputation. The Pyramid Principle is used the consulting world over – whether during interim internal discussions or executive-level presentations. recommendations, reasons, problems, changes to be made, …). What is the first thing you can say about it to the reader that you know they will agree is true - either because they know it,or because it is historically true and easily checkable? A short summary of this paper. If you find 8 problems, group them by category of problem. Ideas in each grouping must always be logically ordered. Use the same grammatical form for the wording of each heading. Easy reading of agreeable points is apt to render them more receptive to your ideas than confused plodding through a morass of detail. I enjoyed this book and would recommend you read it yourself (check it out on Amazon). Any point you make must raise a question in the reader’s mind, which you must answer on the line below (horizontally): Your document should be a question/answer dialogue. “I was in Zurich last week - you know what a conservative city Zurich is - and we went out to lunch at an outdoor restaurant. Make them as concise as possible. The main recommendation is on top. Energoinvest is considering the possibility of exporting alumina from its Mostar plant to Ziar in Czechoslovakia. that its order reflects a process, a structure, or a classification). That’s where the Pyramid Principle comes in. How do you use the Pyramid Principle? My notes are informal and tailored to my own interests at the time of reading. This is now the heart of the structured analysis that the top strategy consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG and Bain (the MBBs) use to solve client problems.. READ PAPER. Look at the kind of statement you are making: An action statement, telling the reader to do something. The absence of necessary leadership and coordination for senior operating and staff executives results in … (list of problems), The problems stemming from a lack of full-time leadership are compounded by overlapping or unwieldy responsibility assignments …, “Solving a problem simply means representing it so as to make the solution transparent.” - Herb Simon.

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